Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thrifty Tips -- Scrub Your Pans the Frugal Way

When you have only one or two pans to scrub, try cutting a scouring pad in half. Not only will you save money by using only half the pad but you will be sharpening your scissors as well when you use them to cut the pad!
If you have a pan that has badly burnt on food, put it back on the stove with water, add some automatic dishwasher powder, or liquid and boil the mixture and leave to sit for a few hours. The burnt on mess will literally come right off the pan with no scrubbing at all.
By Michelle from Lanett, AL

Save your used aluminum foil. It can be used as a scouring pad, Just take a piece and wad it up. Then start scouring pots and pans with it.

By Nelle from Cumming, Georgia

Note: This is a good use for used aluminum foil, just don't use it on your nonstick pans, it might scratch them.

Take a mesh onion bag from produce and place a round sponge, a rolled dish washing cloth or even a scouring pad inside. Then knot the top of bag leaving a small amount to hang up or cut off the extra if you prefer. I then use it while washing dishes. You can make a lot of extras for other areas of home as well (like the bathroom).

By Lisa from Belle Vernon, PA

I like to recycle the red nets that fruit comes in sometimes and use them as scouring pads. They work great in scrubbing your kitchen sink out with baking soda, as a pan scrubber, and are even good at scrubbing stickers off items!

By Susan from Houston, TX

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